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Everything We Know About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Wizards Unite

If you’re reading this then I’m sure it’s because you wanted to know everything that we know about the upcoming mobile game ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’!

So, what do we know exactly?

Well, we know that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is akin to Pokémon Go and that the games are similar in so many different ways that we will all learn very soon. But I guess this is something we all already knew...

Last month Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go announced that they were going to be releasing a downloadable beta version of the game for fans to be able to play pre-release but we’ve since found out that the catch of this was that it is only available to New Zealand and Australian players to check out the game before the release.

So whilst the rest of us wait patiently to play, here are some answers to peoples burning questions and everything we know so far about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

How similar is it to Pokémon Go?

Very. It really does feel like a Harry Potter themed Pokémon Go, although instead of collecting the different Pokémon, in Wizards Unite you are collecting and containing leaked magic in order to protect the International Statute of Secrecy! You still explore a real-world map and interact with locations around you just like in Pokémon Go.

But although there are similarities in the two games, this is a much more narrative focused game and refers back to the many characters from the wizarding world and their storylines.

Pokemon Go Refferal

What is there to do in the game?

Although Wizards Unite has been described to be like Pokémon Go, the gameplay of both of these are actually quite different. In Pokemon Go you go round and collect the Pokémon, in Wizards Unite, you can go through the game and fight mythical beasts and creatures from both the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises.

At the start of the game, you are also able to choose your profession out of three options; Auror, Magizoologist or Professor, each with a known character from the Harry Potter universe that will represent them who you can change between at any time during the game.

Wizards Unite Preview

Can I play it on my phone and will it be available in my country?

Niantic has not yet confirmed exactly what countries the game will be available in but they have said that the game should start with 19 available languages including English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

They have also said that the game would run on iOS and Android devices and even some more high end and older devices too to try and ensure that as many people can get involved as possible, they are not giving away too much information just yet.

When is the game being released?

After Niantic announced that the game was going to be released back in 2018, it got delayed shortly after and all we know now is that it will be being released at some point in 2019. I know it's not a lot of detail but it’s all we have and at least we know it will be with us this year!

My prediction is that although the game seems to be pretty close to being ready with the beta already being played by Australia and New Zealand, that they may be waiting for summer to play this outside game.

Or maybe like we saw with Pokémon Go, they are going to be releasing the game region by region.

Let’s all hope it's soon anyway, the suspense is killing us!

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Posted by: Laurence

Laurence loves Harry Potter! He has a real passion for the franchise, he has all the books, movies, you name it! Some even say he looks like one of Harry Potters famous characters: Draco Malfoy... we'll let you decide on that one.

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