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GoT S8E3: Breakdown Of The Episode And Our Thoughts

Well everyone, how are you feeling? If you’re like me then you’re still bouncing about after the latest episode, but who can blame me? This episode of Game Of Thrones was crazy, to say the least. Besides from messing with the brightness settings on my screen to try and make out the darker scenes (I know I wasn't the only one), there were so many hints to what could come in the final few episodes.

Here’s a recap of what happened in the latest episode and our thoughts on everything...

To recap, let’s start at the beginning. I think they did a really good job at building the tension and suspense when waiting for the army of the dead to attack, there were thousands and thousands of animals and soldiers on the battlefield but there was absolute silence and it gave a really creepy vibe.

Just before everything was about to unravel, guess who shows up? Melisandre. Not only did she show up but she was also able to light all the weapons with fire which was amazing to see, although it didn’t really matter that much as moments later they were all dead. But it was still a very cool scene seeing all the lit weapons go out one by one as they charged towards the white walkers.

And whilst we're on the subject of her, we finally know what Melisandre meant when she and Arya first met back in season three. She mentioned that she would close blue eyes and by this, she meant the eyes of the dead army and might have even meant the Night King too.


The good stuff.

Now let's just talk about the most amazing part of this episode... Arya defeating the Night King. THIS WAS EPIC. Before it began, I really did think that it would be Jon Snow to defeat him, especially when he charged at the Night King, I thought “Okay, this is going to be it” but instead of having an epic sword fight with Jon, he raised the whites to stop Jon from getting to him, leaving us feeling quite disappointed in the Night King as if he had backed out. How he was defeated really does make sense and although he wasn't killed by Jon which a lot of people may have anticipated, he was still defeated by a Stark so it’s still a win for everyone for sure.

Arya and the Night King

And how many of you thought Bran Stark knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Arya that dagger last season? Did Bran know she would kill little fingers with that dagger and that it would go on to be used when killing the Night King? We think so.

Whilst Arya Stark takes down the Night King, many beloved characters fall to his deadly army.

It sucks to see children die, especially in battle but seeing Lyanna Mormont take out a dead giant like that, wow. Another quite hard death to watch was Lyanna’s cousin, Jorah. He and Dany find themselves on the battlefield alone together and are forced to fight off a horde of dead soldiers. He uses Heartsbane to protect Dany, but in doing so he endures multiple stab wounds and dies in Danys arms. In this scene, you could really see just how much paid Dany is, processing the loss of her protector.

Jonah Dying In Danys Arms

At the end of the episode, I really did think that Melisandre would sacrifice herself in a different way to what she did but in this episode, she was still a really bad-ass character. Now that the army of the dead has been defeated, she can finally rest, leading to her taking off her necklace and collapsing on the field a few moments later. Whatever you thought of the Red Woman, she got one thing right: The night was very dark and very full of terrors.

What did you think to the latest episode of Game Of Thrones? Did you think a lot of the same things as us? And what do think is going to happen in the next episode?

My prediction is that we haven’t seen the last of winter, or it’s army...

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Posted by: Gaz

Gaz is our on-site expert for all things Game of Thrones. His favorite character is Jaime Lannister, although the main characters may not see the good in him just yet, Gaz is rooting for Jaime to get this happy ending.

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