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Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal Thermal Paste - 1g

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal Thermal Paste - 1g

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Product Description

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal Thermal Paste - 1g

Thermal Grizzly, hailing from Hamburg is a new German brand dedicated to the fight against high temperatures and poor heat dissipation. Their aim is to supply the overclocking scene with the true high- performance thermal compound products they deserve, especially when the conductivity of current products often leaves a lot to be desired. Outside of the overclocking scene however lies a whole world of products that would benefit from better and quieter cooling, including gaming PCs, workstations, mini PCs and many others. In addition to higher clock frequencies, improved thermal compounds such as these enable improved cooling with lower noise as well as drastic improvements to the service life of PC components.

To achieve these lofty aims, Thermal Grizzly worked closely with world famous overclocker Rom "der8auer" Hartung to test and analyse the chemical composition of competing products. The first thermal compounds released by Thermal Grizzly went by the (now famous) names of Kryonaut, Hydronaut and Aeronaut after being taken up enthusiastically by the community and making waves in the overclocking scene thanks to their superb performance.

For the first time Thermal Grizzly is happy to announce the introduction of a new liquid metal thermal compound by the name of Conductonaut. This compound consists of a eutectic alloy intended for use at room temperature. A special ratio of tin, gallium and indium, amongst others, combine to result in extraordinarily high thermal conductivity and excellent long-term durability. Due to the liquid ingredients, even tiny pores and gaps can be successfully smoothed out and filled, something that is only possible to a very limited degree when it comes to conventional heat-conducting paste due to their solid particles. The metallic contact area of the cooler and accompanying heatsink is coated in the compound.

The most important factor for evaluating the performance of a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is surely its thermal conductivity. The Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal heat-conducting paste, consisting of the metals mentioned above, is markedly superior when compared to alternative pastes e.g. silicon- or solid oxide based pastes like silver, and possesses an almost unequalled thermal conductivity of approximately 73 W/mK. Overclockers and silent PC enthusiasts will be especially appreciative of the advantages on offer here.

Heads up, overclockers! This paste allows processor temperatures to fall by several more degrees, without needing to resort to a new cooler. Even the application of the liquid metal is incredibly simple and straightforward as the manufacturer provides the necessary accessories with the product. If the first time seems a little unfamiliar, by the second time it'll become second nature. That said, please observe the precautions discussed below!

The amount of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut needed to be used is extremely small. One gram of liquid is sufficient for far more than even 10 applications. Also, once too much liquid metal has reached the IHS, it is very easy for it to be absorbed back into the syrringe. The correct dosage necessary is in the region of half a grain of rice. A wide variety of web and print publications have also confirmed the clear superiority of this unique heat-conducting paste in extensive tests and reviews. If you want to overclock or enjoy a quiet system that also offers excellent cooling, this is the thermal compound for you!
The Conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste must (1) not come into contact or be used with aluminium surfaces and (2) under no circumstances should it come into contact with electrically conductive components!. CPU coolers with an aluminium coldplate cannot be used, instead we recommend instead to use copper, nickel or silver coldplates. Please pay particular attention to ensure that the liquid metal does not come into contact with the numerous technical components on or next to Intel Haswell-, Devil's Canyon-, Broadwell processors or their heatspreaders. Skylake CPUs also have a number of contact points that should be covered with adhesive tape for safety reasons, and the same holds true for AMD CPUs.

Technical Details:
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut should be stored in dry conditions at room temperature in its original packaging.

Technical Details:
Amount: 1 g
Colour: Silver
Consistency: Liquid
Thermal Conductivity: 73 W/(m·K)
Density: 6,24 g/cm3
Application Temperature: 10 to 140 °C

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