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Various Artists - Bbc Sound Effects No. 13 - Death And Horror Vinyl

Various Artists - Bbc Sound Effects No. 13 - Death And Horror Vinyl

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Product Description

Various Artists - Bbc Sound Effects No. 13 - Death And Horror Vinyl


Execution And Torture
A1a The Guillotine 0:04
A1b Arm Chopped Off 0:03
A1c Head Chopped Off 0:03
A1d Sawing Head Off 0:05
A1e Leg Chopped Off 0:02
A1f Neck Twisted And Broken 0:02
A1g Arm Broken 0:03
A1h Stake Driven Through Heart 0:04
A1i Branding Iron On Flesh 0:09
A1j Red Hot Poker Into Eye 0:07
A1k Nails Hammered Into Flesh 0:18
A1l The Scaffold (Trap Opens, Body Falls) 0:05
A1m Sawing Leg Off 0:15
A1n The Firing Squad (Commands And Volley) 0:24
A1o Whipping 0:36
A1p 3 Gun Shots 0:07
A1q Burning At The Stake 0:29
A1r Dagger Thrown Into Wood 0:03
A1s Arrows Fired Into Wood 0:05
A1t The Pendulum 0:30
Monsters And Animals
A2a The Mad Gorilla 1:05
A2b Monsters Roaring 0:28
A2c Wolf Howling 0:18
A2d 3 Werewolves Howling 0:20
A2e Wolves Baying At The Moon 0:36
A2f Wolves Howling And Snarling 0:40
A2g The Hell-Hound (Growling And Snarling) 0:35
A2h The Hell-Hound (Panting) 0:16
A2i Bats Calling Recorded By - Eric Simms 0:34
A2j Bats Squeaking And Flying Recorded By - Eric Simms 0:32
A2k Dracula In Flight 0:50
A2l Snake Hissing 0:47
A2m Rattlesnake 0:17
A2n A Cat Howl 0:07
Creaking Doors And Grave Digging
A3ai Creaky Door Closes 0:06
A3aii Creaky Door Opens 0:04
A3bi Heavy Creaky Door Closes 0:08
A3bii Heavy Creaky Door Opens 0:07
A3c Coffin Lid Closes 0:06
A3d Nailing Coffin Lid Down 0:28
A3e Coffin Lid Opening 0:10
A3f Assorted Creepy Creaks 0:40
A3g Crypt Door Closing 0:10
A3h Grave Digging (In Stoney Ground) 0:47
A3i Grave Digging (In Wet Ground) 0:45
A3j Portcullis Closing 0:05
Musical Effects And Footsteps
A4a Phantom Of The Opera (Organ Sounds) 1:02
A4bi Ghostly Piano Sound (Low Pitch) 0:17
A4bii Ghostly Piano Sound (Low Pitch) 0:16
A4biii Ghostly Piano Sound (Low Pitch) 0:20
A4ci Ghostly Piano Sound (High Pitch) 0:10
A4cii Ghostly Piano Sound (High Pitch) 0:12
A4ciii Ghostly Piano Sound (High Pitch) 0:13
A4d The Lost Chord 0:35
A4e A Gong Roll 0:15
A4f Gong Struck Once 0:17
A4g Ghostly Footsteps (With Chains) 0:52
A4h Squelching Footsteps 0:40
Vocal Effects And Heartbeats
B1a Strangulation (Male) 0:08
B1b One Scream (Male) 0:04
B1ci Scream (Male) 0:05
B1cii Scream (Male) 0:05
B1d Three Men Screaming 0:08
B1e Heavy Breathing (Male) 0:30
B1fi Two Screams (Female) 0:04
B1fii Two Screams (Female) 0:04
B1gi Scream (Female) 0:05
B1gii Scream (Female) 0:03
B1giii Scream (Female) 0:03
B1h One Long Scream (Female) 0:08
B1i Two Women Screaming 0:12
B1j One Woman Sobbing 0:35
B1k Heavy Breathing (Female) 0:28
B1l Lunatics Laughing 0:42
B1m Human Heartbeats 0:38
B1n Electronic Heartbeats 0:30
B1o Frankenstein's Heartbeats 0:30
Weather, Atmospheres And Bells
B2ai Thunderclap 0:17
B2aii Thunderclap 0:10
B2aiii Thunderclap 0:05
B2b Thunderclaps And Rain 0:35
B2c Approaching Thunder 0:25
B2d Rain And Distant Thunder 1:07
B2e Heavy Rain 0:50
B2f Eerie Wind 1:00
B2g Weird Wind 0:54
B2h Cathedral Bell Tolling 0:26
B2i Church Bell Tolling 0:32
B2j Church Bell Tolling In The Wind 0:48
B2k Wind Howling In Ship's Rigging 0:43
B2l Jungle At Night 0:35
B2m Tropical Atmosphere At Night 0:38
B2n The Electronic Swamp 1:17
B2o Dr. Jekyll's Lab 0:34
B2p Midnight In The Graveyard 1:03
B2q Daytime In The Graveyard 1:00
B2r The Chinese Water Torture 0:58
B2s Boiling Oil 0:53

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